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@ Clayton Community Church

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Now meeting in our brand-new building!   

    5586 Covered Bridge Rd.  Click here for directions:

Visiting for the first time?   

  1.     You’ll be warmly greeted (we love all our visitors!) by folks sincerely interested in you--really. 

  2.     We won’t single you out and we won’t make you stand up, raise your hand, nor speak.  You’ll fit in (just by being yourself).


  1.     We have a nursery during the worship service for your 0-2 year-olds!

  2.     Additionally, we have a Children's Worship Service . . . about fifteen minutes into our adult worship service, we release the 3s - 1st graders for a separate, kid-friendly service.

  3.     Lastly, for those 2nd grade & up, our adult service is friendly for them, too!  The service is designed with kids in mind.  The elements of worship are arranged so that there’s not a long time of just sitting and hearing words.  Rather, it’s participatory.  There’s standing, sitting, responsive readings, singing, spoken prayer from the pulpit mixed with private, silent prayer, Scripture readings, and a gospel lesson that has an outline with fill-ins to help our kids (and adults!) stay engaged.


Worship service information:

Service start time:

2:30 p.m.

Style of service:     

Our worship service is not a pep rally nor a funeral, but one that's focused and centered on God, to honor Him. 

You’ll hear God's Word read and preached with reverence, yet with a humor and humility that comes both from admitting, on the one hand, that we, too,  still sin, and from embracing, on the other, that God still and always will love us, as He has in the past.

We invite you to come and learn weekly how the good news of Christ affects  your life today and your life hereafter.


The atmosphere among us is low-key and genuine, so dress as you like—Dockers, dress, denim, or suit.  We don’t care!  We want everyone just to come and to feel comfortable.


We call our sermons “gospel lessons”, for they show us from various parts of Scripture what the gospel is and how we might apply it to our daily living and interactions in all things.  To get a sample, click here.


We focus on singing songs with good content--content that’s Biblically true! 

So, copyright date is not an influence on our song selection.  Some of our songs are contemporary and some are ancient.  Bottom line?  If a song helps us to sing rightly and truly about God and to Him, it can make it into our  songbooks. 

Above is a bulletin from a typical worship service.

Click it if you’d like to download it and take a closer look.

It’ll give you a feel for what worship is like here.